I am a software engineer at Red Hat (formerly at CoreOS). I work on tools for Container Linux, primarily surrounding its automated update model, such as CoreUpdate and the Container Linux Update Operator, but also working on the cloud provider metadata fetcher coreos-metadata, the ssh authorized keys file manager update-ssh-keys, and components that Tectonic uses to manage Container Linux instances.

I like writing Haskell and Rust, and I’m generally into functional programming and things with strong, static type systems.

I’m also a real person too, who likes hiking, camping, indoor bouldering, and drinking rum, among other things.

Some projects that I've worked on -

  • DemOS - Github

    A kernel (and maybe, eventually, a userspace) written in Rust as an exploration of both writing a kernel and Rust when it is close to the metal. It generally tries to adhere to the principles of microkernel architecture, and whenever possible takes advantage of Rust's expressive type system to provide behavioral guarantees and prevent me from doing Bad Things.

  • OpenSSH Keys - Github

    A Rust library for reading, writing, and fingerprinting OpenSSH public key files. It also allows for construction of RSA and DSA keys from their constituent parts.

  • Lindenmayer Systems - Github

    A Python library which allows easy description of a context-free grammar that produces cool fractal-like drawings. Lindenmayer systems are useful for alogrithmically modeling plant growth.

  • CSH Evaluations - Github

    An API and web frontend written in Haskell for keeping track of individuals progress through the various stages of Computer Science House's Membership Evaluations process.

  • BingeHack4 - Github

    Fork of Nethack with semi-multiplayer features, achievements, and many CSH-specific items, levels, and modifications.